Accelerate your digitalisation through automation

Yellownape helps companies with expertise, development and operation of digital automation solutions.

We have extensive experience in building and operating software robots that perform repetitive and tedious tasks.

Are robots right for me?

By working exclusively with open source software, Yellownape can lower the threshold for access to software robots and other digital automations.

Development is fast, initial investment is smaller and operating costs follow usage - meaning there are business cases to be made also in smaller projects.

It is simply easy to get started and the initial investment is quickly recouped.

How does it work?

It is easy to get started. The process has four steps.

  1. Analysis. Based on your needs, we explore your existing systems, processes and opportunities.
  2. Solution. Based on the analysis, we present a solution proposal including cost and timeline.
  3. Development. The software robot is developed according to your needs and specifically for your processes. We only build on open source platforms.
  4. Delivery. Once testing is complete, the software robot is ready to take on the heavy lifting in your processes. Choose whether you want to run it yourself or buy operation as a service.

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